Physical Therapy & Cardiovascular Health

There have been many studies done indicating that a sedentary life style can shave years off of a potentially long and happy life. When people have pain and dysfunction, are recovering from an injury or surgery, or have simply experience a decline in activity, they loose muscular strength and diminish cardiovascular health. Some typical signs of this loss of capacity include reduced endurance and shortness of breath during exercise. Physical Therapists are highly educated and skilled at developing aerobic exercise programs that strengthen muscles, improve endurance, and reduce the effects of physical decline. A comprehensive training and rehabilitation program will help improve the blood flow and delivery of oxygen to the heart, strengthen the heart muscle, and reduce blood pressure.

The relationship between physical inactivity and cardiovascular mortality is quite high. The good news is that there are many positive and beneficial effects of moderate intensity exercise on reducing cardiac mortality. Specific evaluation components for an effective and safe exercise program include ruling out, or factoring in medical concerns from cardiovascular disease, chronic disease factors, cerebrovascular disease, peripheral vascular disease, hypertension, as well as orthopedic issues. Our Physical Therapists will work closely with your physician, if indicated, to ensure the development of an appropriate, and medically safe program. Consult with one of our Physical Therapists for an evaluation who can design of an appropriate cardiovascular exercise program that is specific for your needs. Your Physical Therapist is an excellent choice to develop a comprehensive, cardiovascular exercise program, that is safe for you.

Chip Sands, PT

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